Photo Books


Senses book was a result of my Masters in Photojournalism major project. I’ve done it at the University of Westminster in London.

I photographed deaf-blind people around the UK during 6 months. Deaf-blind people don’t hear and don’t see at the same time, so the way they perceive the world is totally unique.

The project was special to me as I am almost deaf and I use my eyes as a tool for my work as a photographer. Thinking about the loss of both senses made me relate very closely to the topic. Please visit the link above to see the whole book.

Staying at Home with Photography

During the COVID lockdown, I wrote a series of photography assignments to do at home, as a series, for London School of Photography


In 2010, the London School of Photography was invited to build a Studio at the Britains Next Top Model show at the ExCel Exhibition Centre in London. We built a high-end technology stand and photographed hundreds of people, giving them prints. We were the busiest stand at the fair and the whole experience was very rewarding to all involved. Here is a link of the book:

Garden Photographs and Caeiro Poems

In London, I once moved into a house in the middle of winter. There was a little garden that was completely dry, without leaves or flowers. When spring arrived, I was surprised by an explosion of beauty. Every day, a new flower opened. Flowers I had never seen in my life. Endless inspiration. At the time I made a little booklet with my photographs and poems by Alberto Caeiro.

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